Ground Anchor Installation

The stability of your foundation is critical to the future of your deck, dock or sunroom. It is literally the backbone of the structure. This is why until now, foundations were often quite expensive, often involving heavy equipment rental, the use of concrete and the hiring of a contractor. All of that has changed with our marquee product, the Griffin Groundscrew.

With the Griffin Groundscrew, there is no need for concrete, no need to hire a Backhoe, nor hire a contractor. All you’ll need to build a sturdy foundation (rated up to 2400 lbs.) is the Griffin Groundscrew, two people, and about 10 minutes.

Step 1: Turn the anchor into the ground with installation wrench

Step 2: Turn until top of shaft is at ground level

Step 3: Hammer stabilizer plate into ground

Step 4: Slide head over threaded rod, fasten beams to head