The Griffin Anchors also comply with MBC (2011) clause (manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards)

Sentence (1) (protection against corrosion via hot dipped galvanization)

Sentence (1) (installed as per local established practice with subsurface inspection as required), and subclause (tested according to ASTM standards.

These products are guaranteed and environmentally friendly, Contact us for more information on installing or pricing.

Q: What is the capacity of an 8 ft. standard anchor?
A: Capacity of the 8ft anchors has been extensively tested and are rated to support 2400lbs.
The anchors are 8 ft. long to provide support below the frost line.

Q: How may anchors will I need? How far apart can they be spaced.
A: The answer will depend on the configuration and materials you are using to build your deck. In most jurisdictions, decks must be designed to support a total load(live load + dead load) of 50-60 pounds per square foot. This means each anchor can support a deck area of 40-48 square feet. In Winnipeg, the City of Winnipeg deck construction brochure contains an example of calculating supported area and foundation load.

Q: Is there protection against corrosion?
A: All products are galvanized and act as a preventative measure against corrosion.

Q: Do I need a building permit for my project?
A: In Winnipeg, contact the Winnipeg Planning, Property & Development Department for any Building Permit Questions at http://www.winnipeg.ca/ppd/ or call them at 204-986-3500. Your deck project may or may not require a building permit.

Q: Anything else should I be aware of before starting my project? 

A: Check with this website to ensure you’re all clear before breaking ground: www.clickbeforeyoudigmb.com the MCGA is primarily concerned with the safety and the prevention of damage to underground utilities


Ground Anchor Specifications

Custom Versions
At present, we also offer a larger, custom 10 foot model, which has a higher load bearing capacity. For more information, please Contact us.

US 6,263,622 B1
Canada 2,285,543

* 8 foot length X 1 1/2 inch diameter, square, solid steel bar
* 8 inch length X 3/4 inch diameter, round, threaded rod end
* 3 inch tapered point
* level adjusting 3/4 inch hexagon nut

Stablizer Wing
* steel plate design
* two tapered wings
* 16 inch wing span, 5 inch width
* 3/16 inch thickness

* tapered steel design
* 7 1/4 inch to 10 inch diameter
* 3/16 inch thickness
* welded to shaft

* 4 styles, including “U”, “L”, and Flat designs
* 1/8 inch thickness


The stability of your foundation is critical to the future of your deck, dock or sunroom. It is literally the backbone of the structure. This is why until now, foundations were often quite expensive, often involving heavy equipment rental, the use of concrete and the hiring of a contractor. All of that has changed with our marquee product, the Griffin Groundscrew.

With the Griffin Groundscrew, there is no need for concrete, no need to hire a Backhoe, nor hire a contractor. All you’ll need to build a sturdy foundation (rated up to 2400 lbs.) is the Griffin Groundscrew, two people, and about 10 minutes.

Step 1: Turn the anchor into the ground with installation wrench

Step 2: Turn until top of shaft is at ground level

Step 3: Hammer stabilizer plate into ground

Step 4: Slide head over threaded rod, fasten beams to head